New species of hominid discovered in South Africa

The new hominid discovered in South Africa by an international group of scholars is called Homo naledi. The announcement was made by the University of Witswaterstrand in Johannesburg and has been published in the scientific journal eLife. This is a…

Siberian/Amur Tigers (Panthera Tigris Altaica)


International Day of the Tiger

Today, 29 July, is the International Day of the Tiger, founded at the summit on tigers in St. Petersburg in 2010, when all the countries still interested in the presence of tigers committed to the Tx2 target - double the…



Submarine archeobacteria

An international group of researchers from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) has recently published a surprising discovery in the scientific journal Science. Sampling the sediment along the continental edge of the western Pacific, off the Japanese peninsula of Shimokita,…

Rice Paddy


Lower methane emissions thanks to a new variety of rice

A group of researchers at the Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Fuzhou, China, and at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, has produced a new type of rice able to accumulate a larger quantity of starch in…



International Day for Biological Diversity

22 May is the International Day for Biological Diversity. The International Day for Biological Diversity has the objective of underlining the importance of protecting the extraordinary wealth constituted by all the living species on Earth. 22 May was declared the…



Biofuel for aircraft from mushrooms

Researchers at Washington State University have found a way to produce aircraft fuel from a common mushroom that lives in decaying leaves, soil and rotten fruit. The study has been published in the April issue of the scientific journal Fungal…


Sea turtle hatchlings swim to safety

Scientists from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel, the Turtle Foundation and Queen Mary University of London have managed to follow eleven Caretta caretta turtle hatchlings, born in Cape Verde, using tiny new acoustic transmitters (size: 5x12 millimetres,…


The European Union moves to save bees

Brussels hosted the third edition of the European Week of Bees and Pollination which ended a few days ago and involved representatives from government agencies, international organizations and beekeepers.


Half of the species in Italy at risk

According to the 3rd Report on Habitats Directive coordinated by...

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