From Australia a new record for solar

A group of engineers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), in Australia, has achieved 34.5% efficiency in the conversion of sunlight into electricity, establishing a new record and almost reaching the theoretical limits permitted by this type of…



Efficiency record for thin film PV

From the laboratories of Australia comes a new record for thin film PV. A group of researchers from the University of New South Wales has, in fact, achieved a degree of efficiency of 7.6%, the highest in the world for…



WaveSpring, efficiency from the sea

It's Swedish and based on the human heart, one of the most efficient pumps that nature has ever created. It's called WaveSpring, an innovative technology that transforms waves into electricity with unparalleled efficiency. Designed by CorPower Ocean, WaveSpring is a…




From 13 to 15 April, the paper and cardboard recycling chain will open its doors to the public. RicicloAperto, the initiative promoted by Comieco, in collaboration with the Federation of the paper and graphics industry, Assocarta and Assografici, this year…



“Transparent” wood created in Sweden

Wood has always been one of the most versatile biomaterials and for this reason it often becomes a renewable alternative to other less environmentally friendly materials. From the Swedish KTH Royal Institute of Technology comes a new piece of research which…

Wall clock por Gema Ibarra


Summer time energy saving

During the night between March 26 and 27, summer time returned, taking the place of winter time that will be restored during the night between 29 and 30 October. Terna, the company that operates the national electricity grid, has estimated…



The second life of the tyres

A team of researchers from 10 countries, an all-Italian coordination and end-of-life tyres: these are the ingredients for carrying out a successful project, which has led to the creation of this sustainable concrete, which uses 100% secondary raw materials as…



M’illumino di Meno 2016

M’illumino di Meno (I'll Use Less Lighting), a radio campaign launched by Caterpillar, the Radio 2 programme, is now in its twelfth edition! The awareness initiative proposes to private citizens, organisations, institutions, schools, shops, etc., to invest in a small…



Record-breaking plant in Morocco inaugurated

The largest solar thermal power plant in the world, Noor 1, is situated in the middle of the Sahara desert, near the city of Ouarzazate. Cutting the ribbon, thus starting up energy production, was Mohamed IV, King of Morocco. According…

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