2015 European Researchers’ Night

On 25 September, simultaneously in 22 Italian cities and across Europe, the European Researchers' Night will take place, the initiative promoted by the European Commission under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The event, which…



2015 Science Week

The long-awaited 2015 Science Week has just started. From 20 to 25 September in Research Centres throughout Italy, scientific seminars, exhibitions, workshops and guided tours will be held, organised with the aim of promoting science to the general public and…



Sustainable cities, savings opportunities

New research conducted by the New Climate Economy affirms that investing in low emission public transport, in efficient buildings and in waste management could generate big savings, both monetary and in terms of CO2 emissions. Translated into figures, this means…



Farewell energy certification, the new Energy Performance Certificate is coming

On 1 October, the new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will come into force. Below are the most important innovations.The main innovation is that there will be a single EPC for the entire country, with a single calculation methodology, which the…



The world’s largest bifacial photovoltaic plant is in Chile

In the Valparaiso region of Chile, construction is in progress on the La Hormiga (the ant), a photovoltaic plant that will be anything but small. In fact, with its 2.5 MW peak output, La Hormiga will be the largest bifacial…



Wind power: the first offshore system in Puglia gets under way

Green light for the first offshore wind farm in the Mediterranean. A recent ruling by the Council of State, in fact, has rejected the appeal of the Municipality of Taranto against plans to build a near-shore wind farm (approx. 100…

radiazione solare


Solar Impulse 2

The solar-powered aircraft, Solar Impulse 2, which is circumnavigating the world without using fuel, has completed the most demanding stage of its journey: a 5-day uninterrupted flight in 117 hours and 52 minutes, covering 7,200 km, from Nagoya in Japan…



Greater efficiency in the production of hydrogen from solar energy

The electrolysis of water obtained from solar energy is one of the most clean and sustainable methods for obtaining hydrogen. The process takes place through photoelectrochemical cells (PEC) using a semiconductor electrode that absorbs the solar energy to divide the…



Global Wind Day

The Global Wind Day is celebrated worldwide on 15 June in order to promote wind energy as a clean and inexhaustible source. The Global Wind Day is organised by the EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) and by the GWEC (Global…

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