The protected area of the Lucanian Dolomites works on biogas

In Basilicata, in the protected area of the Lucanian Dolomites, the demonstration plant for the production of electricity and biogas to be used for Park services is almost finished. The project has been entirely funded by the Region, at a…



Solar Impulse 2, the solar-powered flight continues

Solar Impulse 2 has set a new record. The solar aeroplane has, in fact, travelled a full 1500 km using solar energy only: it is the longest journey ever in the history of solar-powered aviation. The aeroplane, with special photovoltaic…



The sustainable supermarket

No more waste thanks to the supermarket without disposable packaging! The first 100% sustainable supermarket that does not use packaging that must be thrown away after use has been opened in Berlin. It's called Original Unverpackt and has been designed…


The Dutch Solar Cycle, a solar-powered bike

A newrevolution could be under way for the bicycle world. It regards the Dutch Solar Cycle, a new generation of electric bikes that runs on solar power. In the last years, the sales of both traditional and electric bicycles have…


Roma Ocean World, around the world on an eco-friendly sailing boat

In a world in which distances and travel times have been drastically reduced with detrimental effects on the environment, it is still possible to take up important ecological challenges. In fact, currently the renowned sailor Matteo Miceli is sailing around…


World Oil and Gas Review 2014

Eni has announced the publication of the thirteenth edition of the World Oil and Gas Review, the annual statistical review of the world’s oil and gas market and refining system. The review gives readers access to complete historic and up…


A future with renewable energy sources is both possible and clean

A future in which renewable energy is the protagonist is not only desirable from an environmental point of view, but is also sustainable as far as the exploitation of raw materials is concerned. This is the result of a study…


New developments in solar-powered hydrogen production

A group of scientists from the Ecole Polytechnique in Lausanne has discovered a new technique for producing hydrogen fuel from sunlight and water without using rare-earth metals. By combining photovoltaic cells, made with a material called perovskite, with low-cost electrodes,…


At the bottom of the sea… a bioplastic from lobsters and shrimps

A group of researchers has developed a method for the large scale production of everyday objects using a totally biodegradable bioplastic from lobsters and shrimps

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