From the oceans to construction

Each year we pour around 8 million tons of plastic into the seas and oceans (for further details: Years of plastics): if we do not find a solution to curb the problem, by 2050 there could be more polymeric waste…

Empty bottles


Increase glass collection and recycling

In 2015 in Italy, the separate collection of glass packaging increased, reaching 1.825 billion tonnes recovered, 3.5% more than the previous year. The figures were disclosed by the Glass Recovery Consortium – Co.Re.Ve. Also the recycling rate is increasing, rising…



Big Recycling Municipalities 2016

Yesterday in Rome at the Casa del Cinema, the award ceremony was held for the Big Recycling Municipalities 2016 (italian web site), the annual event in which, since 1994, Legambiente has recognised municipalities most committed to separate waste collection and…



Global Wind Day

The Global Wind Day is celebrated worldwide on 15 June in order to promote wind energy as a clean and inexhaustible source. The Global Wind Day is organised by the EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) and by the GWEC (Global Wind…



The wind and the sun will move the Santiago underground

Starting from 2018, the underground in Santiago, Chile will be 60% powered by photovoltaic and wind renewable energy. The Chilean capital will thus become the first city in the world to power its underground with a significant proportion of renewable…



From Australia a new record for solar

A group of engineers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), in Australia, has achieved 34.5% efficiency in the conversion of sunlight into electricity, establishing a new record and almost reaching the theoretical limits permitted by this type of…



Efficiency record for thin film PV

From the laboratories of Australia comes a new record for thin film PV. A group of researchers from the University of New South Wales has, in fact, achieved a degree of efficiency of 7.6%, the highest in the world for…



WaveSpring, efficiency from the sea

It's Swedish and based on the human heart, one of the most efficient pumps that nature has ever created. It's called WaveSpring, an innovative technology that transforms waves into electricity with unparalleled efficiency. Designed by CorPower Ocean, WaveSpring is a…




From 13 to 15 April, the paper and cardboard recycling chain will open its doors to the public. RicicloAperto, the initiative promoted by Comieco, in collaboration with the Federation of the paper and graphics industry, Assocarta and Assografici, this year…

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