Greta lands in New York

Malizia II with Greta Thunberg on board finally dropped its anchor in New York after a two-week carbon neutral voyage. The young Swedish activist was welcomed by the UN with a flotilla of 17 sailing boats, one for each sustainable…


Forest fires, Africa and the Amazon are the hardest hit areas

The record fires that are burning the Amazon rainforest have captured the attention of the international media and leaders, yet in Africa – more specifically in Angola and Congo – over the past few days the number of fires has…


Greta Thunberg’s zero emissions voyage has begun

Greta Thunberg has begun her Atlantic crossing in a sailing boat to reach New York, where the United Nations summit will be held on 23 September. The voyage began in Plymouth, England, on board Malizia II, Pierre Casiraghi's racing yacht:…


A plastic Po, a river of microplastic

Every second, the River Po carries 11,107 fragments of plastic down to the Adriatic Sea; the fragments have an average size of about 5 mm per 11 mg, equivalent to 11 tons of microplastics dumped into the sea each day*.…


IPCC Report: the time has come to take action to save our Planet

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published a new report entitled "Climate Change and Land", presented today in Geneva, and addressed to the entire world population. According to the IPCC report, in fact, attempts to limit global warming…


Ingesting plastic weakens sea birds

According to a study conducted by the University of Tasmania and published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, ingesting fragments of plastic is causing sea birds to become increasingly smaller, lighter and to suffer from a series of health…


Summer wind

A sixteen-year-old Swedish girl is braving the wind, cold and rain to take her protest against the changing climate onto the streets. She does so with large placards on which she writes harsh words with a felt-tipped pen denouncing the…


Transport in Italy is still dominated by fossil fuels

Italian mobility is still very much dependent on fossil fuels and in particular to petroleum. Indeed, according to the GSE "Energy in the transport sector" report in 2017, despite a decrease of around 1.2 Mtoe against the previous year, Italian…


Earth Overshoot Day 2019

This year too, in fact, we have reached Earth Overshoot Day, that is the day in a given year on which the demand by mankind for ecological renewable resources (for example fish and forests) and services exceeds what the Earth…

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