Threatened koalas are ‘functionally’ extinct

The koala (Phascolarctos cinereus), the animal that, along with the kangaroo, is the symbol of Australia, is threatened with extinction in that it is a functionally extinct species. According to the estimates of the Australian koala foundation (AKF), the organisation…


The Piltdown Man, or the most famous hoax ever

Flat Earth, toxic vaccines, alien invasions, chemtrails… Scientific hoaxes run rife on the web since social networks came into being. And yet they are not modern inventions, such hoaxes have always existed. One of the most famous hoaxes ever concerns…


New record reached for CO2 in the atmosphere

Saturday 11 May, the Mauna Loa observatory, in Hawaii, recorded a new record level for the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, that is 415.26 ppm (parts per million). This level, explain the experts at the observatory run by the…

CO2 turns into rock in Iceland

In Iceland, there are veritable “21st century alchemists” able to turn carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into rock. The alchemists are part of a research team within CarbFix, a project that has developed a safe, economically advantageous and environmentally friendly…


UN alarm: one million species risk extinction

Around one million animal and plant species of the approximately 8 million estimated to be present on the Earth risks extinction. This is the alarm raised by the United Nations in the “Global Assessment”, a report presented in Paris by…


Blue Flag 2019

Liguria, ahead of Tuscany and Campania, is top of the list of 385 Italian beaches that have been assigned “Blue Flag 2019” awards, assigned by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) for the excellence of their bathing water. In order…


The Ross Ice Shelf is melting 10 times faster than forecast

The Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica is melting faster than previously forecast. This has been revealed by an international study conducted by researchers at Cambridge University and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), which analysed the melt…


Urban woods

When walking along a tree-lined avenue in a crowded and traffic-congested city, wrapped up in our daily commitments, we do not usually notice the trees under whose shade we are walking, nor do we ask ourselves which benefits they bring…


World Penguin Day

Today, April 25th is World Penguin Day, an occasion to raise awareness on and promote the protection of the Earth’s 18 penguin species. April 25th is also the date that the Adélie penguins (the species most widespread in Antarctica) begin…

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