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Solar and fuel cells

This model of photovoltaic plant is made up of a solar panel, an electrolytic production and hydrogen storing system and by a fuel cell system. This type of plant is potentially able to compete on the technical level with the conventional power plants. During the dark hours and the days of poor sunlight, the chemical energy of hydrogen is transformed back into electricity in the fuel cell and sent to meet the needs of the load. 1- Solar panel: it transforms the solar energy into electric energy in direct current (DC). 2- Transformer: it changes the intensity of the electric current. 3- Converter: it converts the direct current (DC) in alternating current (AC). 4- Electrolyser: it produces hydrogen through the water electrolysis. 5- Compressor: the hydrogen is compressed. 6- Scrubber: the hydrogen is purified. 7- Accumulator: hydrogen tank. 8- Fuel cell: it produces electric current in direct current (DC) by using hydrogen as a fuel. 9- Converter: it converts the direct current (DC) in alternating current (AC). 10- Load: it represents the group of all the appliances using electric energy in alternating current like household appliances, lighting systems, etc. are shown below.

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