Themes dealt with in ecosystems

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What is an ecosystem

The climatic regions of the Earth gave origin to a large variety of natural environments. Each habitat is formed by…



Deserts occupy one third of the surfaces above the water level, and are present in all the continents. In these…



The savannah environment is in the tropical and in the equatorial zones, which have seasonal rain that characterize two different…

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Mediterranean Scrub

This type of environment is characterized by warm dry summers and mild rainy winters. This remarkably influences the vegetation, which…

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Coral Reef

The seas of the tropical regions, where the water temperature is around 25 degrees, are an ideal environment for the…

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Rain Forest

Generally, near the equator, in the evening, heavy storms accompanied by large amounts of rain fall every day. The temperature…

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Temperate Forest

The areas in the middle latitudes are characterized by four distinct seasons: the temperature is neither too high nor too…



The strip nearest to the temperate zones, in Eurasia and in North America,  is the taiga, also known as coniferous…



The limit for arboreal vegetation, the trees are bare on the side that the wind blows. The flowering plants remain…



We are in Central-Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where the climate is characterized by hot and dry summers and cold…

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