Themes dealt with in air

aria_400x225_0010_Conoscere l'aria

Air knowledge

Air is an essential component for life on Earth because it contains the oxygen that is necessary for living organisms…

aria_400x225_0022_aria in movimento

Air in motion

The air is in constant motion. The engine of atmospheric circulation is the Sun, which warms the Earth and the…

aria_400x225_0006_conoscere la metereologia

Meteorology knowledge

Meteorology is the science that studies atmospheric phenomena, such as clouds, winds, precipitation and the processes that produce the same.…

aria_400x225_0002_inquinamento dell'aria

Air pollution

By air pollution we mean the presence, in the air, of one or more substances that alter the composition and…

aria_400x225_0018_cambiamenti climatici

Climate change

The weather has a permanent influence on our lives. The sky is often the first thing we look when we…

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