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In our Country (Italy) mean annual solar radiation ranges from 3.6 kW per square metre in the Po river plain area, to 4.7 kW in Central-Southern Italy, to 5.4 kW in Sicily: consequently some regions have a production potential that is very high, however, it can be said that the entire national territory is characterized by very favourable conditions for the installation of plants for the production of solar power. Italy is one of the countries with the largest production of solar energy and is in the vanguard also in the sector of research of technological innovations.
According to Gestore dei Servizi Elettrici (GSE) in 20110 in Italy there were 330,196 solar power plants, with an installed capacity of 12,773 MW. So between 2010 and 2011 the number of photovoltaic installations grew by 112%, while the installed capacity of 268%.
(Source: Rapporto statistico 2011 – Impianti a fonti rinnovabili, GSE 2012)


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