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Energy knowledge

In 2011, every second, 1,031 barrels of oil and 106 cubic metres of natural gas were consumed (data from eni, World Oil and Gas Review, 2012). Mean global energy consumption per capita, is 60Gj and it is estimated that by 2030 the energy demand will increase 50%. This estimate can be quite impressive when we look at the amount of energy that will be required less than twenty years from now. The response to the growing energy demand is of two types, two different roads that are not alternative, that must be followed on parallel lines. On one hand the use of renewable sources that are less polluting must be promoted for the production of energy, on the other it is necessary to introduce a new energy and energy saving culture. Energy is not something that can be drawn on endlessly, it is a precious good, and must be used with care and with a rational attitude. In 2010, only 13.2% of the energy being utilized in the world was produced from renewable sources. All the rest was from non-renewable sources, mostly fossil fuels (81.1%) and 5.7% from nuclear sources (International Energy Agency (IEA) – Key World Energy Statistics 2012).


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