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Natural landscape are the fruit of a delicate balance, created in geological times, between the various natural agents, the different forces, the different processes acting on the surface of and underneath the Earth’s crust. It is not a static and immutable balance, but a “dynamic” one, where the processes interact with each other continuously, limiting or magnifying each other in turn. Each one of man’s interventions affects this delicate balance, interfering with the natural processes, till when they are modified, at times in an irreversible manner. These forms of interference can be negative; and man, more or less knowingly, tends to trigger or amplify the geological processes that may turn out to be harmful. Through the analysis of the territory, in most of the cases it is possible to foresee the possible effects of man’s interventions: landscape analysis is a very important instrument, in the defence of the territory and its rational and respectful exploitation of the natural processes.


Van Allen belts
...and the spectacular phenomenon of polar auroras

When studying landslide phenomena, it is opportune to distinguish...

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