Bricks and ceramics

Clay is used as a raw material for different industrial productions, in particular for the production of bricks and ceramics (mainly bricks, roof tiles and tiles).
Also bentonite is important from the economic point of view. It is a special clay deriving from the alteration of volcanic ashes in a lake environment. Bentonites are used for soil drilling (as they are able to support the hole walls), to build casting moulds in foundries, or as catalysts in oil cracking processes.
Another economically important group of clays are “fire-clays”, which are used for the production of refractory ceramics. These products resist at very high temperatures (more than 1500 °C) without being subject to any shape or volume modification.
Clays are used for many other productions: in the paper industry as a raw material for paper coating, for the production of insecticides, rubber, linoleum, and paintings.

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