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Photovoltaic capacity installed in the world in 2017 reached 402 GW, due to 99 GW installed during the year. In 2017, Italy held the 5th place for installed power, after China, United States, Japan, Germany and in front of India, United Kingdom, France, Australia, and Spain. In analyzing the data, the extension of the various States being compared  must be born  in mind, and it is significant that a small country like Italy can compete with a giant like China and the USA.
The significant market increase relative to 2016 was due primarily to China, where new installations were up more than 50%. India’s market doubled, while other major markets (Japan and the United States) contracted. For the fifth year running, Asia eclipsed all other regions, accounting for 75% of global additions. By the end of 2017, every continent had installed at least 1 GW and at least 29 countries had 1 GW or more of capacity. The leaders for solar PV capacity per inhabitant were Germany, Japan, Belgium, Italy and Australia.
With regard to solar thermal power, the technologies used to heat water with the help of solar energy are spreading to many countries: China, Turkey, India, Brazil and United States have been the protagonist countries in the solar thermal market in 2017. In particular in 2017, China increased its solar thermal capacity and reached 74.6% of global capacity. In 2017, 35 thermal Gigawatts (GWth) were installed around the world and the total installed power reached 490.8 (GWth).
(Source: Renewables 2018 Global Status Report)

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