How to protect from landslides

Landslides provoke serious damages to things and people and they can be prevented by consolidating the area at risk. First of all it is necessary to detect the sliding land and avoid building or excavating in the area. Moreover, it is necessary to prevent big quantities of water from running on the surface of this land: drains have to be built and vegetation growth is to be encouraged. Support walls or gabionades are built to contain material that otherwise would move to the bottom of the slope.
Vajont landslide  
In 1957 a dike in the Vajont river started to be built. Above the dike a lake was formed and geologists highlighted that the mountainsides that surrounded it were not stable: the sedimentary rocks on the sides were set on poorly compact layers of clay. After a first landslide, on 9th October 1963, 300 million cubic metres ran from the Toc Mountain to the lake and provoked a wave of 40 million cubic metres of water that went over the dike. The effects were devastating since the wave swept Longarone village and other villages away. In this case human responsibility is obvious, as the geologists’ studies were not taken into consideration, nor during the dike designing stage or after the first landslides.

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