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Meteorology knowledge

Meteorology is the science that studies atmospheric phenomena, such as clouds, winds, precipitation and the processes that produce the same. It must not be mistaken with climatology, that studies the distribution of atmospheric phenomena on a planetary scale, over a period of many years and the variations that have taken place in time. All meteorological phenomena originate in the atmosphere, in particular, in its lower layers, in the troposphere and the tropopause, that are directly in contact with the Earth’s surface. In order to understand these phenomena, it is also necessary to study the interactions between the atmosphere, the Earth’s surface, the oceans, the biosphere, man and human activities. The most evident scope of meteorology is weather forecasting, however meteorology is a very complex science which integrates with climatology in order to try to understand the mechanisms of the atmosphere, through models, and studying how the climate changes, due to both natural and anthropic causes.


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