published on 28 January 2021 in air

Mal’aria 2021 Dossier

Air pollution emergency in Italy: despite the pandemic, air quality in urban environments was one of the most critical issues in 2020. Of 96 provincial capitals analysed in 2020, 35 exceeded the limits set by law for the daily concentration of particulate matter (PM10). The “Mal’aria di città 2021” report, the annual dossier on air and noise pollution in urban centres drawn up by Legambiente (an Italian environmentalist association), gives an accurate picture of the situation.

In the ranking of the 35 cities that have exceeded the limit for particulate matter (PM10), i.e. the threshold of 35 days in a calendar year with a daily average of more than 50 micrograms/cubic meter in at least one monitoring station, Turin is in first place with 98 days above the limit. Venice followed with 88 days, Padua 84, Rovigo 83, Treviso 80, Milan 9, Avellino and Cremona 78, Frosinone 77, and, finally, Modena and Vicenza with 75 days above the limits close the 10 worst cities.

However, it is an emergency that affects the whole of Italy. Every year in Italy, according to EEA data, more than 50 thousand premature deaths occur due to excessive exposure to air pollutants such as particulate matter (particularly PM2.5), nitrogen oxides (particularly NO2) and ground-level ozone (O3).

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