published on 30 October 2020 in air

Now there is an app to understand the climate by playing

A video game app: Change Game, the new science-based collaborative and interactive video game created by the CMCC Foundation (Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change) and developed by Melazeta srl with the support of EIT Climate-KIC. Change Game is also an educational tool that allows you to learn by making choices, facing the consequences, and investing in innovation and nature, deciding how to build, in concrete terms, a future world that has zero emissions and is resilient to climate change.

Change Game is a video game designed by an advanced research centre on climate change, the CMCC Foundation, and developed in collaboration with a specialised gaming company.

Change Game offers many possibilities: it is a tool that allows us to understand that the choices we make have effects on the environment around us and on other peoples’ lives and to recognise that climate change and its impact also depends on our choices. It also enables us to understand that working with other people, making the right investments, and pursuing sustainable development goals are choices which, although sometimes arduous, make it possible to build a planet that can defend itself against natural disasters.

There is a solid scientific basis behind the game’s script: “all the game’s scenarios, developed and implemented with specially created climate models, are based on data and assumptions produced by work and research focused on the climate. Science is the essential starting point to define the choices that are made in the different stages.” Additionally, players are encouraged to debate innovation and development, as well as how to create resilient, zero-emission companies.

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