published on 23 October 2019 in life

An interactive animal endangerment map

The sixth mass extinction is before our eyes: increasingly more animals are classified as endangered by human activities such as deforestation, urbanisation, animal breeding, farming, fishing and poaching. Added to this are climate changes, that contribute to worsening what scientists have defined as the sixth mass extinction. To get a picture at global level and try to take more targeted and effective action, an interactive map has been developed to signal the number of extinct, endangered and vulnerable species in each country. Drawn up from data collected by IUCN and by WWF, the Animal endangerment map offers a detailed picture on endangered animals in those countries where sufficient data are available: the species, divided by taxonomic group, have been put into five classifications, that is extinct, extinct in the wilderness, critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable, based on the size of the populations and the rate of decline of the populations over the last ten years or three generations. The map also makes it possible to compare the situations from ten years ago and the present, in most cases showing the exponential increase in the number of endangered species, and in others showing the success of conservation policies.

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