published on 16 October 2019 in life

World Food Day

The World Food Day, organised by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) will be held on 16 October to mark the anniversary of its foundation, on 16 October 1945. The first edition of the World Food Day, now celebrated by 150 countries, was held in 1981. The goals of the day include raising public awareness of the problem of hunger in the world; transferring technical farming knowledge to developing countries; strengthening international and national solidarity in the battle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty, by encouraging participation of rural populations, in particular women and less favoured categories, in the decision-making processes and in the activities that influence their living conditions; encouraging economic and technical cooperation between developing countries.

The theme for this edition is “Our actions are our future. Healthy diets for a #zerohunger world.  In recent decades, we have radically changed our diets and eating patterns as a result of globalisation, urbanisation and income growth.  We have moved from seasonal, mainly plant-based and fibre-rich dishes to high calorie diets, with high contents of refined starches, sugar, fats, salt, processed foods, meat and other products of animal origin. Less time is spent preparing meals at home, and consumers, especially in urban areas, increasingly rely on supermarkets, fast food outlets and take-away restaurants. A combination of unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles have led to increasing levels of obesity, not only in developed countries, but also in those with lower incomes, where hunger and obesity often coexist. Now over 670 million adults and 120 million boys and girls (5-19 years) are obese and over 40 million children under 5 years of age are overweight, while over 820 million people suffer from hunger. The theme this year asks us to reflect on what we eat and to change to a healthier and more sustainable diet.

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