published on 15 September 2019 in ecosystems

“Tutti in natura” with LIPU

Not just parks and gardens but also schools, farms and city streets can offer us fragments of nature to enjoy and defend. LIPU (the Italian Society for the Protection of Birds) has once again organised “Tutti in natura” (Everyone in Nature), the September event that highlights the importance of using urban green spaces. It is an opportunity to discover that we can establish a contact with nature even in urban areas. “Tutti in natura”, at its third edition, will take place from 14th to 22nd September in nine Italian regions.

This year the theme is “Have you got a tree as a friend?”. It focuses on the fundamental role of trees, not just environmentally, but also for their importance for landscape and recreation. Trees, then, are at the centre of LIPU’s initiatives in Turin, Milan, Genoa, Rome, Palermo, and in 20 other small and medium-sized towns and cities. Visit the Lipu site to see the full calendar for the event.

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