published on 15 August 2019 in air

Greta Thunberg’s zero emissions voyage has begun

Greta Thunberg has begun her Atlantic crossing in a sailing boat to reach New York, where the United Nations summit will be held on 23 September. The voyage began in Plymouth, England, on board Malizia II, Pierre Casiraghi’s racing yacht: Greta was accompanied by her father, a documentary film maker and a crew of skippers, including the German Boris Herrmann. The crossing will obviously be carbon neutral, as requested by Greta, who refused to fly to New York by plane precisely to avoid contributing to pollution with the carbon emissions generated by the fuel. The voyage will last around two weeks and will not be a comfortable journey: indeed, Malizia II is a racing yacht, and does not therefore have any private quarters inside it, nor a toilet or shower, just two bunks for sleeping. For food, the Swedish activist has a store of freeze-dried vegan meals: the boat, in fact, has no galley and not even a fridge or any system for heating food.
The voyage of Malizia II can be followed in real time via this link, because the boat will remain constantly connected with a shore team ready to act in any emergency.

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