published on 13 August 2019 in water

A plastic Po, a river of microplastic

Every second, the River Po carries 11,107 fragments of plastic down to the Adriatic Sea; the fragments have an average size of about 5 mm per 11 mg, equivalent to 11 tons of microplastics dumped into the sea each day*. This fact is revealed by the “Un Po di plastica” (A plastic Po) research, conducted by AICA (International Association for Environmental Communication) in collaboration with E.R.I.C.A. and the European Research Institute (ERI) in Turin, who together took samples from the longest river in Italy to detect fragments of plastic. The research is based on analysis of samples collected in 6 stretches of the River Po, thus making it possible to determine the quality and quantity of microplastics in the river.
The sampling was performed during the Keep Clean and Run sports event, thought up and participated in by the environmental activist Roberto Cavallo to raise awareness against leaving litter in the environment. It was the first research and analysis project related to microplastics in the River Po.

* data obtained from sampling at Felonica, near the mouth of the river

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