published on 1 August 2019 in energy

Transport in Italy is still dominated by fossil fuels

Italian mobility is still very much dependent on fossil fuels and in particular to petroleum. Indeed, according to the GSE “Energy in the transport sector” report in 2017, despite a decrease of around 1.2 Mtoe against the previous year, Italian transport consumed 38 Mtoe, 92% of which was covered by petroleum products (petrol, diesel oil, kerosene,…). The contribution by other sources of fuel remains marginal. In particular, considering actual consumption, renewable sources accounted for only 3.7% of the total (2.8% from biofuels and 0.9% from electricity from RES, renewable electricity sources); consumption of natural gas accounted for 2.8% while electricity generated from fossil sources covered 1.7%. If we look at modes of transport, on the contrary, the greatest consumption is associated with road transport (83% of the total), followed by air travel (over 11%).
The final chapter of the GSE report is devoted to biofuels introduced into the market in Italy in 2018: over the course of the year, a little over 1.4 million tons of biofuels were consumed, almost exclusively biodiesel (97%), a marked increase over the previous year (+18%).

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