published on 27 May 2019 in energy

Single-use plastics banned from 2021

The European Union Council has approved the directive banning single-use plastics and, therefore, as from 2021, use of a number of single-use plastic products for which valid alternatives exist will be prohibited. More specifically, the plastic products to be banned will be plates, cutlery, drinking straws, sticks for balloons and cotton bud sticks in single-use plastic. Some of the products mentioned by the directive appear in the list of ten plastic products most often found on European beaches. It is absolutely vital, in order to protect the environment and our Planet, to reduce the plastic we create and use (especially plastic that is used once only or in any case for a very short time).

The ten plastic products most frequently found on European beaches. Credits: European Parliament “Plastic in the ocean: the facts, effects and new EU rules. Infographics

Member States have also pledged to collect 90% of plastic bottles by 2029 (77% by 2025) and plastic bottles will have to be made with at least 25% of recycled plastic by 2025 and at least 30% by 2030. Additionally, introduction of design requirements to connect bottle tops to bottles must also be introduced.

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