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Earth Day 2019

April 22nd is Earth Day, one of the biggest events dedicated to environmental protection. Each year, events and initiatives aimed at raising awareness on environmental issues are held worldwide. Instituted by the United Nations, Earth Day serves as a reminder that we need to re-establish the original equilibrium of the planet, since this is the only one we’ve got and it is our duty to defend it.
Earth Day is celebrated on this day and marks the anniversary of the first Earth Day held on April 22nd 1970 in the United States. Answering the plea of Democratic Senator Gaylord Nelson, millions of US citizens, various organizations that until then had waged specific battles, thousands of colleges and universities joined in a large, nationwide demonstration dedicated to the preservation of the planet.

This year, the theme is “Protect Our Species,” an invitation to protect and safeguard all living species. Biodiversity is a fundamental resource: all living things have an intrinsic value, and each plays a unique role in the complex web of life. Today, however, biodiversity is at great risk because of human activity. Humans have, in fact, irreversibly disrupted the balance of nature. As a result, the world is facing the highest rate of extinction since the dinosaurs became extinct more than 60 million years ago. Climate change, deforestation, habitat loss, poaching, unsustainable agriculture, pollution and use of pesticides are just some of the causes of the loss of biodiversity. It is important to take immediate action in order to stop this phenomenon. The rate of extinctions can still be slowed, and many of our declining, threatened and endangered species can still recover.
The goals of the Earth Day Network are to:

  • Educate and raise awareness about the accelerating rate of extinction of millions of species and the causes and consequences of this phenomenon.
  • Achieve major policy victories that protect and safeguard species and their habitats.
  • Build a global movement that embraces nature and its values.
  • Encourage individual actions.

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