published on 19 April 2019 in air

Fridays for Future Rome

Thousands (3,500 according to the police; 10,000 according to organizers) of mostly young people turned out today in Rome for the “Fridays for Future” protest against climate change. The guest of honor was Greta Thunberg, the sixteen-year-old Swedish activist who launched the Friday climate strikes. Greta took to the stage in Piazza del Popolo joined by friend and fellow activist Anuna De Wever of Belgium to call for urgent action against the climate emergency. In keeping with the theme of the event, the stage for the occasion was “sustainable” and powered by the energy of 128 bicycles, with the mechanical energy produced by pedaling converted into electricity thanks to a dynamo system.
Having arrived in Italy by train from Stockholm, Greta met with Pope Francis and Italian institutions at the Senate of the Republic, raising the interest of many politicians despite the critical nature of her speech. Greta’s objective is to get institutions to take real and tangible action as quickly as possible to mitigate the climate changes underway.
The second worldwide climate strike is slated to take place on May 24th.

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