published on 26 March 2019 in air

IEA: new record for CO2 emissions in 2018

Global emissions of CO2 linked to power production have increased in 2018, reaching a new record. According to data published by the International Energy Agency (IEA), in fact, emissions of CO2 have risen by 1.7% over 2017, reaching a new all-time record of 33.1 Gt of CO2. Use of coal to generate electricity was responsible for emission of over 10 Gt of CO2, mainly originating in Asia. China, India and the United States accounted for over 85% of this increase, while emissions decreased in Germany, Japan, Mexico, France and the United Kingdom.

The increase in emissions was determined by higher energy consumption, linked to economic growth and weather conditions in some parts of the world, which led to an increased energy demand for heating and cooling.
For the first time, the IEA has assessed the contribution of fossil fuels to the global rise in temperature: according to IEA experts, in fact, combustion of coal is thought to be responsible for over 30% of the 1°C increase in the present average temperatures against those in pre-industrial times.
These data show that, despite the growth in the use of renewable energy sources, global emissions are still rising and urgent action must be taken on all fronts.

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