published on 11 March 2019 in ecosystems

Nairobi, the UN environment assembly gets off to a start

The 4th United Nations Environment Assembly begins today in Nairobi, Kenya: up until 15 March, the representatives of the 193 UN Member States will be discussing how to save the planet from the climate change and overexploitation of resources. Heads of State and Environment Ministers, together with NGOs, activists and administrators of multinational companies will work to agree undertakings, perhaps arriving at a global pact for the environment. The Minister for the Environment, Sergio Costa, will be representing Italy.
Halting food wastage, support for decarbonisation of economies and reducing plastic pollution of the marine environment will be some of the issues discussed during the days of the assembly. There are States, like India and the EU Countries, willing to ban single-use plastic objects such as plates and cups, while others, on the contrary, fear impacts on the economy and employment that may derive from the elimination of such products from the market. Another key point of the UN assembly concerns new technologies and innovative solutions, for example geo-engineering, to be used to cope with climate challenges.
It will not be easy to get everyone to agree, but what is certain is that it is no longer possible to delay taking action. “Time is running short,” says Joyce Msuya, Deputy Executive Director of UNEP, who in a letter to the Member States urged “courage and determination” in tackling environmental challenges.

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