published on 1 March 2019 in life

Here are the winners of the Underwater photographer of the year 2019 contest

The winners of the Underwater photographer of the year 2019 have been announced; this is the annual photographic contest organised in the United Kingdom since 1965, with the aim of celebrating underwater photography, whether in oceans, lakes or even swimming pools. British photographer Richard Barnden won the first prize in the contest, with a photo of the exact moment when a school of grey reef sharks captures a parrotfish.

The key feature of the over five thousand photos shot in 65 countries in the world is the spectacular biodiversity to be found under the surface of the water, even if significant photos of the anthropic impact on the underwater world are numerous too. Many photographers, in fact have taken pictures of human forays into the underwater world and the threats that plague this world, such as plastic, for example. Of the various prizes, there is one that is dedicated precisely to marine conservation, the title of Marine Conservation Photographer of the Year, awarded to Spanish photographer Eduardo Acevedo, for his photo of a loggerhead turtle caught in an abandoned plastic fishing net.

You can see the all the winning photos at: underwaterphotographeroftheyear.com/winners

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