published on 21 November 2018 in life

National Tree Day

Trees make an essential contribution to life: they provide refuge for many animals, they transform carbon dioxide into oxygen using photosynthesis, reduce noise pollution, mitigate wind, offer us cool shade in the summer and shield us from cold air in the winter. For this reason, in 2013 the Italian Government established National Tree Day, held each year on 21 November. National Tree Day provides an opportunity to plant new trees, rediscover the woodlands and green spaces in your local territory and learn to protect them.

The Tree Festival, an event organised and promoted by the Italian Environmental Association Legambiente, this year at its 24th edition, also falls on 21 November. On this day, Legambiente plants very many young shrubs all over Italy, including aromatic plants and young trees, thus celebrating their importance for life. This year, Legambiente dedicates the Tree Festival to welcome and solidarity so that, like trees, these values can become deep-rooted and stop the waves of racism and intolerance that are  disturbingly sweeping through our Country. “Each day, trees hug us in an ideal embrace, since they are our principal allies in the battle against climate changes,” says Francesca Galante, member of the Presidential Council of Legambiente Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta. “Protecting them therefore means defending the territory and the species that live in it and the initiatives this year aim precisely at raising citizens’ awareness of the ecosystemic value of trees, starting from the younger generations.”

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