published on 10 September 2018 in water

Ocean Cleanup launch

On 8 September (at 9 pm Italian time) the official launch of one of the most ambitious projects for cleaning up plastic from oceans took place: the project is called Ocean Cleanup, the largest clean-up operation ever devised. A young Dutch prodigy, Boyan Slat, founder of the Ocean Cleanup ONG first came up with the idea. After dropping out from Aerospace Engineering studies to devote himself to the mission of cleaning up the plastic in the oceans, he designed a system for collecting plastic waste from the sea that exploits ocean currents.
Starting from this idea, after years of tests and developments, System 001 has finally gone into action. It consists of a two-kilometre long chain of floating barriers placed along the current, so as to channel the plastic towards platforms serving as a funnel. The plastic waste collected is then transported by ship to dry land to be recycled.
You can follow the progress of System 001 from this link.

This is only the beginning of something much bigger. Indeed, System 001 is only the first of a fleet of sixty similar systems designed with the aim of cleaning up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch within five years.

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