published on 27 June 2018 in

New CONOU campaign: “Collect every single drop of used oil”

Used lubricating oil can be a valuable resource or an environmental problem: what makes the difference is how it is handled. In fact, if it is correctly collected and recycled, new products can be generated from it and we can save on oil imports. If, on the contrary, it is dumped, it may penetrate into the ground, polluting the ground water and soil, as well as surface water. A new campaign for correct disposal of oil is being promoted by CONOU, the Italian Consortium for management, collection and processing of used mineral oils,  to raise public awareness on the issues of collection and disposal of used oils.
CONOU has launched a new TV ad on correct processing of this waste, to coincide with Ecoforum 2018 (which is sponsored by the consortium). The ad, to be broadcast all through the summer period on the major national sports channels, aims to spread the message informing citizens that they should not dump used oil in the environment because, since it pollutes ground water, there is a risk that it will enter the food chain. The Consortium collects used oil free of charge and transforms it – by regeneration – into a new lubricating base.

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